Viral Respiratory Infection

John, Shelly and Libby V., Ohio

John and Shelly took their three-month-old daughter Libby to the pediatrician with what they thought were the symptoms of a cold. While being examined by the doctor Libby stopped breathing. After being immediately resuscitated she was taken by ambulance to one of the area's premier hospitals specializing in the treatment of children. Upon admission the child was determined to be in critical condition with a diagnosis of viral respiratory infection.

For six days Libby lay under heavy sedation, her fragile life supported by an elaborate system of ventilator tubes and monitors. Her parents waited every day hoping for the first word of encouragement from the doctors. On the sixth day, they were told the most discouraging news they could hear. Their daughter was in decline with little prospects of recovery.

During those six days John and Shelly had become aware of Cytolog from one of John's college roommates. A physician familiar with the product advised them, that even the slightest exposure to Cytolog could induce a rapid recovery, even under such extreme circumstances.

At 10:00 P.M, on what was thought to be Libby's last night alive, her parents were given the opportunity to introduce a small amount of Cytolog into her mouth by means of a moistened swab. While John waited, his wife managed to rest for the first time in a week. She dreamed her baby had recovered. Upon awakening, the first news she received was that her baby had indeed recovered within hours of receiving the first administration of Cytolog.

Readers note:

The story of Libby V. was chosen for three reasons.

  1. The physician predicted her response to the Cytolog.
  2. It was consistent with those observed in third world countries.
  3. It took place in a hospital specializing in the care of children after the resources of that institution had failed to bring about a recovery.

(Full names have been abbreviated for privacy)

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