Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Werdnig-Hoffman's Disease, Case #2

April 11, 2005

Amy sweetie...

This is a bit late for Miss Lily but I wanted to tell you that you should put the Cytolog on Lilys face and where ever else she was burned. I do not always think of things right away. I was reminded of doing this yesterday after we took Hannah out. Her face is a bit red from sunburn too unfortunately. I immediately put the Cytolog on her face last night when we got home. I do not know how this stuff works exactly (I have an idea from talking to Steve Matthews) but it lessens the pain a bit and helps the burn heal. Hannah feels the relief immediately. I personally had a 2nd degree burn on my finger one time from using a glue gun. I put the Cytolog on my finger and wrapped it with 2x2 gauze. I am not kidding. Once I sprayed this stuff on, I could literally watch the skin regrow. I changed the gauze a few times and my finger was already healing. Not like it normally would have done. You could after the first application see that the burn was healing. I could see tissue formation.

I also have put Cytolog on Hannahs ankles for pain relief when we have strained them from over-stretching. She says it makes them feel better. I know of a SMA mom who says it helps with contractures; to lessen the contractures. This was documented by the childs P.T. I have used it on mosquito bites that get red and inflammed as well as for teething in the early days. I think it is great stuff and I have used it for Hannah since she was one year old. You can q-tip it into a childs mouth or spray it directly from a bottle. I use it two to three times a day for Hannah. I have not deviated since she was a year old. It is just part of our daily routine. If I start to get a cold and I remember, then I use it myself. It seems to lessen the effects. So, long story short...I recommend it for SMA persons as well as for us non SMA persons.

By the way, my daughter is 8.5 years old. Praise God!

(The above letter was originally sent to the author's friend, Amy. It is reprinted here with the authors permission)


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