There are two Master Distributors of Cytolog Infopeptide Technology

1. Cellogic Corporation (the original and currently only manufacturer of authentic Cytolog)

2. Lifestar...the art of healing (domestic & export sales)

These two Master Distributors are responsible for the approval and management of all authentic Cytolog distribution.

All authentic Cytolog is purchased from Lifestar or Cellogic or a distributor authorized by them. Accept no substitute. Any other product other than that produced by Cellogic Corporation does not produce the same results nor is there any history that any other product from any other source does so.


Unfortunately, there are unauthorized internet web sites which may contain inaccurate or untruthful information regarding distribution, pricing, health claims, Cytolog ingredients and who the manufacturer is.

There are also internet web sites comparing other products to Cellogic Cytolog in various ways.

Much of this information is inaccurate and in some cases it is fraudulent and has no basis of comparison.

Beware of such information! is the only authorized web site for authentic Cellogic Cytolog on the internet assuring you of accurate and truthful information.

For specific information, please refer to Cellogic Corporation or Lifestar.

Lifestar... the art of healing

Toll Free 877 793-4191 (North America)

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