Poison Ivy

May 13, 2003

To: Lifestar

From: Carolyn F. N. Northport, New York

RE: Use of Cytolog for Poison Ivy

Dear Joe!

In the Eastern part of the U.S.A., where I live, there is a particularly vicious form of poison Ivy. These Ivy like rambling vines do not get their leaves until late spring. This spring during land clean-up, I overlooked them and I must have pulled either poison ivy, oak or sumac out. This left me with a horrendous case of poison Ivy. The skin was off my right arm from elbow to wrist; pain incredible. Everything we tried was rendered useless and 3 nights of sleep was lost from burning & itching. I phoned you about the validity of coral calcium and we got on the topic of Cytolog. You advised I should spray my arm (and all sorts of other spots) with Cytolog because of it's wonderful incredible healing record. I was hesitant to use the tiny bit I had left in the bottle. I took off the towel I had wrapped around my arm at night to catch the lymph. I lightly sprayed the open lymph & small amounts of skin patches. The itching & burning stopped immediately. As I watched, I swear, I could see the skin and lymph dry-up kind of sealing and knitting together my arm. This continued for one more day until the skin had rebuilt itself on the one arm and stopped the advance of more infection on the other.

This is not all:

I was reinfected due to carelessness in lifting vines without gloves. This meant I was going through the process all over again only this time my hands, finger (in between), palm of hand was full of the rash. I had very little Cytolog. I tried everything to ease the incredible itching on my hands. After one night I decided to use the tiny amount of Cytolog left. It not only stopped the insane itching & burning; by the next morning it was totally under control. It was obvious the poison ivy wasn't speading or going to open my skin. The second day it was gone. Poison Ivy cycle is at least 7 days to 3 weeks.

You can add poison Ivy, poison Oak & poison sumac to list of ailments Cytolog heals micraculously.

Thank you for your products

Carolyn F - N.

Northport, NY

(Full name have been abbreviated for privacy)

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