Patient: L. S. W.

Age: 68

Sex Female, American citizen visiting Guatemala.

Attending physicians: Dr. Alejandro Nitsch & Dr. Rudolph Garcia Gallont.

Admitted to Hospital Herrera-Llerandi/Amedesgua, Guatemala on 6/24/98 and discharged on 7/4/98.


  1. Intestinal obstruction due to old surgical scars.
  2. Chronic pancytopenia, of unknown etiology.
  3. High blood pressure.
  4. Atrial fibrillation.

Established Therapy:

  1. Surgical intestinal resection, with termino-terminal anatomosis.
  2. Cytolog
  3. Zestril (lisinopril)
  4. Digoxin

Comment:: The idea of supplementing Cytolog was done with the theoretical goal of increasing the platelet count. A substantial increase was expected during the next 5 to 7 days after starting it. Nevertheless, the increase in White Blood cells correlated with the clinical finding of phlebitis in the left arm, and fever on the first day after surgery.

Remarks: According to the patient, during at least the last two years, the platelet count had never been above 100,000. Although this was an expected response, this is the first time we observed its response clinically. The case was discussed with the Chief of the Hematology Department, who agrees this in not a usual response, and it is worthwhile repeating this experience with other patients. He is willing to try the product on his patients.

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