Perth's Disease

Shaun F., Ohio.

Shaun was only five when he began to experience sharp pains in his left hip. The slightest burst of boyish energy could send him to his bed with discomfort that would last for hours. When it became clear that their son was not suffering from the results of a minor injury, Ron and Debbie sought the advice of a specialist who lost no time in diagnosing the problem. Shaun was suffering from a somewhat rare developmental disorder known as Perthe's Disease. It is generally believed that, in this condition, inadequate blood supply to the hip joint predisposes the area to pain by retarding activities associated with growth and healing. The recommendations of Shaun's doctor were that his activities be severely restricted for a period of several years. Not an easy task for parents of an energetic little boy.

Coincidentally, Shaun’s aunt had a friend involved in the early research on Cytolog. Within one day after receiving Cytolog, Shaun’s condition had noticeably improved. Within two days he was able to sustain normal levels of activity without pain.

The doctor speculated that Cytolog must have been influencing the circulatory service to the hip joint. Whatever the mechanism of response, it was clear that the first cause of the condition had been addressed. Shaun required occasional supplementation of Cytolog for a period of about three years following his original diagnosis.

Readers note:

Shaun's case has been chosen because it represents a class of conditions involving delayed or impaired physical development. His response was typical for that general category of conditions.

(Full names have been abbreviated for privacy)

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