Hank K., Ohio.

School was out but 18 year old Hank felt terrible. He was weak, his muscles ached, and he had an unrelenting fever, a sore throat and a rash. A blood test confirmed Hank had mononucleosis. His doctor said he should expect to be sick for a long time, perhaps months.

For three weeks Hank went from bed to couch, barely aware of anything beyond his misery. Approximately the 22nd day after his diagnosis his uncle sent him a bottle of Cytolog with the assurance that he would experience an immediate recovery. Hank's uncle had spent a major portion of four years administering Cytolog into the mouths of fevering children in Central America as part of the initial evaluation of the infopeptide discovery.

Within two hours after taking the first dose of Cytolog, Hank experienced what seemed to be a complete recovery. He felt fine and he felt hungry. A trip to the doctor and a second blood test confirmed that the infection had been resolved.

Readers note:

Hank's story was selected because his response was consistent with other reported evaluations of Cytolog involving mononucleosis.

(Full names have been abbreviated for privacy)

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