Fibromyalgia Rheumatica

Sally C., Ohio.

Sally suffered from a severe form of fibromyalgia rheumatica. As she approached her 80th birthday there seemed little hope for a return to the quality of life she knew before her wheelchair and oxygen tank.

Sally's frail appearance hid her strong character and determination. They offered little help, however, until her doctor presented her with Cytolog in early November of 1996. Her response was dramatic. Within three months all significant evidence of her disease had disappeared. Her pain abated, her energy returned and her blood tests showed that her SED rate had declined from a clinically significant 67 to a comfortably normal 12.

Today, Sally is the picture of health and hope to those who have witnessed her recovery. Behind Sally’s story is Dr. T. Q. in Ohio. A caring physician, who, through her own initiative, sought out an answer when there seemed to be none.

Readers note:

Sally's story was selected because her experience was consistent with the majority of doctors and other researchers evaluating Cytolog for fibromyalgia.

(Full names have been abbreviated for privacy)

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