Diabetes (type II)

Maxine Peyton, Belize.

Maxine was a missionary in Belize during the period that Cytolog evaluations were being conducted in the Mayan villages in her district. She listened intently to discussions regarding the theory of Infopeptides before disclosing that, although she had been blessed with good health for most of her life, she had recently been diagnosed with diabetes (type II). Since then she had noted a number of symptoms she associated with that disease.

Maxine received enough Cytolog for a two-month period with the understanding that she would be meticulous in her use of the product and report any results at the end of the period. Her report was as follows:

"I have been taking the product Cytolog for a couple of months and have noted a great difference in my energy level. I do not get tired so fast and can now go all day without sleeping for several hours in the afternoon."

"I have also noted a difference in my sleeping pattern. I can now fall to sleep and sleep through the night most of the time without taking Deseryl (a muscle relaxant)."

"The skin problem I was having with a water blister similar to impetigo has disappeared, no new outbreaks since taking Cytolog."

"Also, last but not least is the drop in my Sugar Glucose level from 158 to 113."

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