Crohn's Disease & Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pat L., Colorado.

After three years of recurring stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting Pat was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. This would have been a difficult diagnosis for anyone, but for Pat it was even more problematic. From experience she knew that she could not tolerate many of the drugs and anesthetics commonly employed in the management of this disease in its later stages.

She felt her safest strategy would be to control her diet, manage stress carefully and endure as much as possible before making the most risky of decisions. Pat hung on for nearly two years until one day in 1997 a friend told her about Cytolog and directed her to a source.

Pat had clear indication that she was benefiting within a few days on Cytolog. Her Crohn's related symptoms continually improved until she had the sense that her condition was under complete control. Then she noticed that her rheumatoid arthritis was significantly better, esophageal spasms were gone and the mysterious water blisters she had observed on her skin were gone as well.

Pat continued progressing until, while on a recent trip to Europe, she ran out of Cytolog and thought she could make it home before anything happened. She was wrong. Within a week or so her Crohn's related symptoms returned, her arthritis became worse, her esophageal spasms came back as did the water blisters.

As of this writing Pat is back on Cytolog and, hopefully, on her way out back to recovery.

Readers note:

The prognosis for individuals with Crohn's disease who evaluate Cytolog seems less predictable than those with most other conditions. This may be related to previous surgeries that have produced scar tissue or adhesions, the accumulated effects of anti-inflammatory steroids or chronic infections associated with diverticulitis.

(Full names have been abbreviated for privacy)

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