The Cellogic Project

The Cellogic Project is the ongoing accumulation of clinical and anecdotal information from physicians, scientists and other health professionals from around the world, organized into a centralized data base made accessible to participants in the Cellogic Project.

For some time there has been speculation, within the scientific community, that a continued reliance on pharmaceuticals, antibiotics and immunization, as our principal strategies for "disease management", could lead to disaster in the new millennium. Historic concerns have focused on the side effects associated with drug therapies and the ability of certain pathogens to develop resistance to antibiotics. More recently, theories implicating vaccines with the spread of viral diseases in third world populations and a speculative link between vaccination and the development of various degenerative conditions have compounded our uncertainties.

Researchers and physicians associated with the Cellogic Project hold the view that a more satisfactory approach to the management of disease will result from an understanding of what is the cause of wellness or health. They believe it is reasonable to assume that both wellness and recovery reflect the coordinated and appropriate functioning of our normal cells and that some influence inclines us toward wellness by orchestrating events at the cellular level.

For over five years, members of the Cellogic Project have been engaged in the evaluation of a class of small proteins, known as infopeptides, that circulate in the blood and accumulate in the colostrum of mammals. These peptides, which appear to function as informational media, can be defined by their extremely low molecular weight, their lack of biological activity in the classical sense and their ability to induce benefit at very low levels of administration. In total, this class of proteins can be likened to the "software of the cell", the perfect fulfillment of the postulate described above.

To date, evaluations of Cytolog by individuals, physicians and institutions in 12 countries have demonstrated the safety and benefits of infopeptide supplementation.

Invitations to Physicians

Physicians are invited to engage in the evaluation of infopeptides in a manner consistent with their professional objectives however, a special invitation is extended to those who may wish to participate in the ongoing agenda of the Cellogic Project. Those who assist by sharing their clinical observations and data regarding the use of Cytolog, will in return receive access to the accumulating data submitted by other participants from around the world.

For more information call 877 793-4191 U.S. Mountain Standard Time, or e-mail to CytoLog E-mail.

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