Celiac Disease

Pete W., Ohio.

Pete was an average guy. He loved beer, he loved his new wife and he loved the delicious breads and cakes she frequently baked. But Pete's life had its down side. As a landscape designer/installer he understood and accepted the pain he felt when his rheumatoid arthritis acted up. What bothered him most were the frequent and unexplained stomach cramps and diarrhea that had become so much a part of his life.

The mystery was solved when Pete's doctor told him he had become intolerant to gluten, the sticky component in wheat and other grains comprised of the two proteins gliadin and glutenin. Pete had biopsy-confirmed Celiac Disease. He no longer could consume any more beer, bread, cakes, noodles or anything else derived from grains. There was more bad news. This rare disease came without a cure and could be managed only through the strict avoidance of almost everything Pete loved to eat and drink. Then Pete got lucky. Two weeks after his diagnosis and within a few days of becoming bored with rice in almost everything he ate, Pete learned of a product derived from colostrum that had been reported to induce recovery from Celiac Disease.

Within a week he was taking Cytolog, and the week after, also beer, bread and cake. His stomach and his bowels seemed fine. Within two weeks the arthritis pain seemed so much less. After two months Pete's blood test confirmed that he no longer produced antibodies to gluten. Within three months Pete was off Cytolog and has remained symptom free for nearly five years.

Readers note:

Pete's story was chosen for two reasons.

  1. It is consistent with the majority of other Cytolog/Celiac evaluations.
  2. Because it demonstrates the likelihood that multiple conditions can respond simultaneously while on Cytolog.

(Full names have been abbreviated for privacy)

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