Brown Recluse Spider Bite #2

June 25, 2003

To: Lifestar

From: Tammy D. G, Virginia

RE: Use of Cytolog for Reculse Spider Bite


Not a good couple of weeks for me, as you can tell. My spider bite is much better and the pain is lessening. It looks much better but I still have some skin peeling around the edges. Thanks for getting that to me so quickly. I am using it on my lab but she keeps licking if off, so the lesion isn't healing as fast. But now I have another problem. I just bought a St. Bernard puppy and it came home with botulism. he is paralized in the back legs and is at the vet. I have been going there and spraying Cytolog in his mouth, he weighs about 30 pounds. Can the Cytolog help him? Oh, just wanted to tell you everyone that sees my bite doesn't believe it was a brown recluse cause it is healing so well. But I'd rather have the disbelief than the pain.




(Full name have been abbreviated for privacy)

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