Brown Recluse Spider Bite #1

June 11, 2002

To: Lifestar

From: Patricia R., Scottsdale, Arizona

RE: Use of Cytolog for Reculse Spider Bite

Dear Joe,  

Thanks so much for recommending that I put Cytolog on the very nasty, deep wound on my left hand that was diagnosed as a brown recluse spider bite.  I had been told in the emergency room 10 days ago that the bite site would most likely require surgery.  Within only hours of putting a few drops of Cytolog on, as you recommended a week ago today, the wound began healing dramatically. I continued putting a few drops on several times a day and am astonished at how quickly the oozing, ugly site closed up. Currently, there is just a small red spot which I will continue to treat with Cytolog, not the awful, raw hole had been there. The surgeon I had been referred to and saw five days ago, just two days after I began the Cytolog, told me there would be no need to operate and confirmed the wound was almost totally healed. I am simply stunned by the speed and depth of healing that Cytolog provided and am extremely grateful you told me to apply it to this gory-looking wound.  

Blessings and health,   Patricia  R.  

(Full name have been abbreviated for privacy)

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